Pipe Relining & Drain Rehabilitation Expert Services Melbourne


Water damage and flooding can be the direct result of cracked and broken drain pipes.  Our No Dig Drain Relining is the fastest, most comprehensive and cost effective way of mending damaged drains.  This is done by moulding a new pipe, which bonds itself to the inside of the damaged pipe in order to solve the issue without having to dig up and remove the pipe, making it a much quicker process.

Our no dig drain lining provides immediate repair and the restoration of flows and minimal disruption.  Our state of the art drain lining technology and drainage experts are fully equipped to get the job done as quickly as possible.  We are available 24/7 for emergency drain relining in the whole of the South East of England.

If your drains are regularly experiencing damage, our CCTV Drain Survey team is on hand to detect the problem.  We also have an experienced drain jetting and cleaning team to provide regular maintenance and servicing to the drains to prevent future damage.

We provide drain lining and relining services to construction, commercial and residential clients.  We are available for emergency drain lining  across the entire Melbourne.  We also provide a scheduled service for regular drain maintenance.

  • We provide in depth, high definition CCTV Surveys
  • Full structural lining between 75mm – 1000mm diameter
  • Lateral cutting technology to open sealing connections and junctions
  • We line vertical rainwater and soil vent pipes
  • All lining products are tested by Waste Regulation Codes
  • All equipment conforms to Australian Standard
  • 75MM – 450mm diameter patches, 600mm – 1000mm length